Jeff's Story:

Jeff Jessing has been seeking out experiences in the natural world throughout his life. Early in his pursuits for all things "wild and raw", an undeniable passion grew within. At the same time, Jeff chose an educational and career path that countered his desire to work in and help protect our wonderful natural environment. Specifically, he received a doctorate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He then spent the next several years working as a senior staff scientist at a nuclear weapons national laboratory, followed by several years teaching and researching semiconductor and microelectromechanical devices as a professor of Electrical Engineering at a university. After a series of eye-opening experiences in preceding years, in 2006 Jeff left the security of a career in engineering and academia to pursue his first true love, Nature. It is Jeff's desire to help bring the wonders of our natural world to others in the hope that people will grow in their desire to protect and conserve this most precious resource of humanity.

Jeff, a self-taught photographer, has been leading photography tours and workshops since 2004 and began a full-time photography business in 2006. A large percentage of the year, Jeff can be found in the far off, lessor visited regions of our world. When not out photographing, Jeff spends time with his wonderful family. Often Jeff is aided in his pursuit of photography with the helpful eyes of his two sons, Kasen and Landen, ages 12 and 5 years, respectively. His beautiful wife, Christina, provides immeasurable support.

In July of 2007, Jeff opened Nature Revealed Gallery on the beautiful Oregon coast. Then in July of 2010, Nature Revealed Gallery was relocated to Jeff's childhood home Durango, Colorado. The gallery also serves as a center for his nature workshops in the Four Corners area. He has fine art photographs in collections around the world.  Jeff's photographs have appeared in various publications regionally, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, he has won several prestigious photography awards.

Jeff Jessing on the Oregon Coast

Education & Experience:

Jeff holds degrees of Bachelors of Science (BS), Masters of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Texas A&M University.  Before pursuing photography full-time, Dr. Jessing worked at Sandia National Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM as a Senior Member of Technical Staff and at Boise State University as a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.  Jeff has over 35 publications including two book chapters. He has been an invited speaker giving short course lectures and talks at various venues.

Jeff is a self-taught, professional nature photographer. He has been teaching nature photography and leading photo tours since 2004. Further, he has been an invited photography instructor for several different organizations (e.g., Oregon Coast Aquarium, Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center). Jeff has been selling his photography as fine art and stock since 2002. Commercial clients using Jeff's photography are found across the United States. Jeff opened Nature Revealed Gallery in Depoe Bay, Oregon in 2007 and most recently in Durango, Colorado in 2010 where his work is showcased.

Jeff at work

Jeff at work in Oregon's Opal Creek Wilderness





Photographic Equipment:

A small subset of this list travels with me in the field for any given location, thus allowing me to hike without excessive weight on my back. Typically, I carry just three lenses, a camera body, and a few key filters which collectively allows me to cover focal length ranges from extremely wide-angle to long-telephoto and macro.

What's in my gear bag?

What's in my digital darkroom?

Awarding-Winning Photographer, Jeff Jessing: